revolutionising Individual
and Specialist

RISE prioritises understanding the whole person and uses this to inform the curriculum programmes of support and to build a resilient platform for future pathways.

Our aim is to help our young people continually reaching higher platforms from which to live and learn and to deconstruct their glass ceilings of aspiration and confidence, to achieve their full potential in education and in life.

WHO we are

ALTR RISE is Revolutionising Individual and Specialist Education. We are an innovative educational organisation providing holistic educational programmes designed to fit the individual needs of our young people. We work with an ethos of positivity and possibility to develop lifelong resilience and confidence and a growth mindset.

We deliver:

  • Our specialist RISE full time SEN provision, which is unique in its developmental and lateral approach to learning real life skills, enabling them to access the wider world with independence, confidence and pride.

  • We provide a wrap around service for bespoke education and support services, with vibrant and innovative after school and holiday clubs, designed to support holistic growth and personal development. Our week long professional development and vocational training programmes during school holidays are a unique opportunity for young people to explore areas of professional interest and develop the skills they need to progress in the vocational environment.

  • Our innate health education and resilience training programme with significant statistical and evidence based impact, proven to decreased negative classroom behaviours, reduced fixed term exclusions, increased ability to deal with problems or feeling lonely, bullied or depressed and with almost all young people participating reporting a noticeable change in themselves and stating that they would recommend to a friend.

  • The RISE Catch Up service addresses literacy and numeracy difficulties that contribute to under achievement. Both interventions are based on rigorous academic research and are targeted to the needs of individual learners to achieve double the normal rate of progress. These programmes improve learner confidence, behaviour and engagement with the whole curriculum and encourage learning through success.
    As part of the ALTR brand, we do things differently. We look at things through a different lens. We are an inspiring blend of the best of traditional, modern and alternative approaches to education. Our unique approach brings our young people into the ALTR community, of forward thinking, creative approaches to success and happiness. Our Members are ALTRNatives in every sense. We are proud to help our RISE ALTRNatives develop and grow through our different way of thinking, teaching and being.

    RISE is managed by Keighly Murphy who has 21 years of teaching experience from mainstream, Pupil referral units, specialist SEND provisions, hospital school, medical needs and is a qualified SENCO. Her teaching methods have developed to ensure total inclusion, access and equity. Young people working with her have surpassed their own expectations and aspirations and those of their parents.


    The ALTR Group was bourn out of a desire to make health living and wellbeing accessible to everyone, recognising that each person’s experiences are unique and so achieving wellness would mean something different to everyone. We understand that individual and bespoken pathways more successfully lead to fulfilment of potential and achieving empowerment. We recognise the stressful and fast paced environment in which we live and the impact that our society has on mental health and natural resilience. We prioritise the urgent need to equip our young people for the challenges ahead and out of our desire to bring strength and self esteem to our younger generation, ALTR RISE was born. 

    The ALTR RISE movement delivers programmes to build sustainable tolerance, empowerment and resilience in mainstream schools, for SEND and for children and families in who care for Looked After Children. We are adept at developing bespoke programmes for children with specific identified areas of need and can work closely with schools to teach in accordance with identified initiatives and to measure outcomes. 
    Our RISE SEND facility provides a unique educational provision for our SEND students which is carefully built around the strengths and needs of each young person and designed to help them make sustainable progress towards identified outcomes. We work hard to ensure that every available local opportunity for our students is offered to them and that our programmes are kept under constant review to ensure that they continue to be effective in delivering outcomes. 

    We aim to make every student feel empowered and positive about themselves every day. We strive to make every association with ALTR RISE is synonymous with feelings of positivity, resilience, strength and self worth and to make our young people stride with confidence into a better and brighter future, built especially for them.


    To enable young people to optimise their individual potential
    and to equip them to grow with confidence, positivity and resilience and a desire to make a valuable contribution to their communities and to the worlD


    • We provide young people with support, opportunity and care to access the community and the world of training and or work, with appropriate skills, confidence, independence, excitement and ambition.
    • We deliver an holistic approach to learning and development in a safe environment, exposure to real life settings and preparation for the world of work or further training.
    • We engage young people in aspirational learning opportunities that equip them with the skills, character and confidence to access the platforms for future pathways and be lifelong learners.
    • We enable young people to find happiness, balance, and contentment with a focus on individual and collective self-perception.
    • We empower young people to live with more independence and choice.
    • We reverse negative labels and stereotypes and give the confidence, self-esteem, and strategies to remove barriers and aspire to greatness.
    • We enable young people to strengthen work based and social links.

    Our Commitment

    • Everything undertaken within RISE is about the future of the young person. RISE is committed to: 
    • A student-centred approach where wellbeing and safeguarding are priority;
    • Providing well qualified staff with a wealth of experience employed using safer recruitment practices;
    • Targeted and personalised support to maximise the engagement with education and develop a passion for lifelong learning;
    • Empower each young person to be individual, make informed decisions for themselves and be self-assured at communicating needs and wants; 
    • A personalised approach to learning that is tailored to meet needs; informed by appropriate background information, the young person’s voice, and aspiration and removal of all barriers to development and growth;
    • Clearly identify outcomes which are agreed by the young person and all stakeholders and a continued triangulated approach to their health, care, education and well being through regular, quality communication; 
    • An assessment plan to continually review the impact of the chosen approach to all learning and practice;

    • In addition, for our RISE SEND Provision students we offer the following commitment:
    • To develop all key areas of independence exploring Life and Living Skills. This offers a personalised and flexible learning programme that covers a range of personal, life, social and pre-employability skills with certification, Financial understanding and preparation, Travel training, Personal safety and Personal care;  
    • To teach young people how to spend their time; expose to hobbies; activities and interests for life; Explore food through exposure and preparation and support strategies to develop Emotional regulation;
    • To  help students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to manage life and future opportunities, so complimenting the 'Life and Living Skills' curriculum;
    • To develop key skills in Literacy and Numeracy through accredited qualifications, with emphasis on reading and use of site vocabulary in the community; 
    • To engage with local Enterprise, Community Projects and fundraisers;
    • To prepare for adult life by exploring needs, desires, aspirations and next step pathways; 
    • To ensure that appropriate support is in place at all transition points; 
    • To teach Digital employability to develop attitudes needed to thrive in today’s world of work via social media and videos and ensure learners are equipped with the necessary transferable knowledge to interact with different digital devices and data in the workplace;
    • To access OCR Employability Suite to give students at all levels the skills, know-how and confidence to help them enter, return or progress in the workplace or go on to further education; 
    • To facilitate access to independent careers advice that reflects an understanding of local community pathways; 
    • To support progression to sustained further education, traineeships, internships work and or voluntary sector supported through strong working community partnerships;
    • To continually monitor progress of pupils through regular assessments that will be communicated with all stake holders.


    • To empower young people to live with more independence and choice.
    • To reverse negative labels and stereotypes and give the confidence and self esteem to remove barriers and aspire to greatness.
    • To enable young people to find happiness, balance and contentment with a focus on individual and collective self-perception and resilience.
    • To encourage collegiate working and mutually beneficial community support.
    • To always work with positivity and encouragement.
    • To promote equal opportunities and to ensure a level playing field for all of our staff and students.
    • To always have sustainability as our goal across the business.
    • To be environmentally aware in every aspect of our work.


    Our provision setting is very aspirational, surrounded by opportunities for learning and located within a rich community; perfectly placed for our students to explore all areas of need, interest and ambition. Each young person accessing RISE will develop the confidence and passion to access the wealth of opportunities available to them and created by us, especially for them.  We aim to utilise the vast outdoor space and plentiful sporting facilities which surround us to enrich the curriculum and learning environment for all of our students, whether as part of ALTR RISE or RISE X. Learning with RISE is intended to be a positive, exciting and innovative journey and our surroundings are a key and fundamental part of the RISE experience. Whilst we will be at some distance from other site users for the majority of the time, our unique location also provides the opportunity to help students be comfortable with social interactions in a professional environment, an invaluable life skill as students prepare to transition into the world of work. 

    Parents / Carers

    We remain proud of the achievements and progress of past students. Any positive impact that we have on the young people that we work with is a cause for celebration for us at RISE. Here, our past students share their experiences of being taught by our team and recount the impact that RISE staff have had upon their education and development.

    The success is in the story. Everyone who meets our son will always comment on how lovely, well-mannered and friendly he is, he has just graduated from University with his degree, they say we must be very proud. Yes, we are incredibly proud parents but so much more so because he has achieved this whilst living with Autism. The majority of people we meet believe that autistic children are “Rain-Man Savants” so they want to know how or why things changed for our son. We always tell them the same thing as we can pinpoint it exactly, it was the day Keighly Murphy (who had just taken a class in an ASD Inclusion Unit) saw our son (aged 12) through a classroom door and knew he was trapped inside himself and had so much more to give, we are thankful every day for that one moment.We wish that every child and young adult with SEN needs could find a Keighly Murphy ……   she has the attributes you would want to find in any Teacher or Operations manager but in addition has the ability to connect with our young SEN people in such a positive and life changing way. Here are a few of my very limited observations.

    For us, she introduced activities that the children could participate in easily, this was along with the academic necessities, our son achieved over and above what anyone ever imagined and this was driven by Keighly and her belief in him. Importantly for us, there was loads & load of social skills development and communication development which kept him engaged he was often eased out of his comfort zone but he never even noticed that, this helped him to gain knowledge and enjoyment from life experiences which would have passed him by before. This helped him make positive progressions in all aspects of life.

    Keighly took on the task of developing a strong team around her and they all worked on the underlying principle of knowing how to make your young person feel comfortable and secure, from that point onwards they were able to apply a strategy on how to get the young person to expand their comfort zone and bring them out of themselves. However, Keighly knew that one size doesn’t fit all and she would always tweak the plan for each young person so they could progress at their own pace and retain that level going forward, you knew above all your child was always her and her team’s first consideration. She would work closely with parents so they could follow the same strategies at home whilst our unit followed the basic academic curriculum of any school the emphasis was to add a level of confidence and independence to our children as they became young adults.  
    I feel the difference lies with Keighly in her teaching and Philosophy, she has the ability to carry out what she preaches, helping to release each young person’s potential, giving them the confidence, reassurance and support they need to meet their goals. They get the helping hand & guided support they need, but ultimately their achievements are their own and when they know that they feel so very proud of themselves and our son is a testament to that.
    Jenni & Dave Huke

    Whilst working with Miss Murphy we noticed a truly unrivalled improvement in our child both behaviourally and in terms of their intellectual enrichment. Miss Murphy was very easy to work with and would always be open to take on board ideas and suggestions of how to improve the quality of the time spent with my child. Miss Murphy granted my child a previously unrecognised level of Independence, it helped them to shine and show off their true capabilities giving them the ability to progress in life like never before. Whether it was assisting with school tasks or identifying the needs of the child and implementing tasks to assist with the nurturing of my child's experience of school or helping my child develop vital social skills Miss Murphy is certainly a teacher to behold.
    Mr and Mrs Graham

    In my opinion when you run a business, the deciding factor in it’s success is the right person or people running the show which can be overlooked, so that’s the success in the story as for all the student in her class. Anonymous

    You have helped shape our son into the young man he has become. He is now due to start a HNC in Computer Science in September and I am so proud. We have always thought highly of Miss Murphy, she went above and beyond for us both. She is one of the teachers that along the way will not be forgotten. I am sure anything she puts her mind to will be a success.


    As far as teachers go Miss Murphy was brilliant, as well as being supporting, fostering an environment conducive to education. She was also an overall great person with a with an outgoing and approachable personality. She gave me the trust to become more independent and develop my social skills both within in school and gave me the confidence to develop them outside of school hours. Miss Murphy was similar to a mentor, she helped me come to terms with issues both within school and outside of school and see the value in myself as a person. I feel that without Miss Murphy's support what and remarkable guidance I would genuinely not be where I am today. One big thing that Miss Murphy did for me was assisting me in finding what I wanted to do. After upper school I pursued a business diploma in college and I'm now on track to get very impressive grades, without Miss Murphy's ability to instil confidence in me I don't know if I would have been able to do it without her.

    I was a student of Keighley Murphy at Sharnbrook from 2013-2016. I can more than attest to what an amazing teacher she is, both as a former student and as one of her most problematic students.I often had trouble grasping certain subjects and would frequently refuse to complete any work, but throughout the entire process she was incredibly patient and helpful. Mrs. Murphy is a kind, gentle, patient, and just an all-around amazing person. She is highly skilled at finding new ways to help teenagers navigate through school life, especially those of us on the autistic spectrum and other neurological disorders. Without her, I highly doubt I would have made my way through upper school. I struggled a lot with mental health a lot during those years, and frequently lashed out. I was an extremely difficult student to deal with, as I could become aggressive and sometimes just shut down and refuse all work. Despite what she had to deal with, she always was there for me, offering support and understanding. Mrs. Murphy made a major impact on my independence and social skills. She turned me from a borderline sociopath to a functional member of society. She always encouraged me to be independent, interact socially and engage with the world around me instead of shutting down. Thanks to her, I am now a normal 19-year-old that is capable of forming friendships, positively interacting with society, attending mainstream college, working, and performing all the normal daily activities in life, completely independently. Ms. Murphy has been such an incredible source of overwhelming positivity in my life. She has helped me overcome so many challenges, such as my behavioural issues, my struggles with mental health, and my issues as an LGBT person. She is one of the most supportive and understanding people I have ever known. The amount of time, effort, and resources she has put in to supporting me and other like me, is staggering. Keighley is one of the most dependable people you will ever meet. Ms. Murphy changed me to such an extent that I am now attending mainstream college independently, without any problems whatsoever. 10 years back, those who knew me believed that I would never be able to attend a mainstream school or college, and without the help of Keighley, I probably would not have.Overall, Ms. Murphy is just awesome. I cannot possibly thank her enough for all she has done for me, and I am so unbelievably grateful that I had the immense privilege of having her as a teacher.
    Miss Murphy is genuinely the kindest and most caring person you could ever meet
    Miss Murphy is a great person, who was able to understand me in times of need and support. From my GCSE studies, preparations for exams, and Sixth Form, Miss Murphy helped me improve on my social skills, being more independent and overcome challenges. Last year, I received a 2:1 at university. Without her, I would not have got to where I am today.”
    Miss Murphy aided me in my learning through providing clear and suitable lesson goals and objectives for a person like me. Over the years she taught us, making sure we always knew what was happening in the lesson. Miss Murphy was an absolute sweetheart – incredibly kind and understanding. I was able to become confident in numerous areas thanks to her teaching, It was in Miss Murphy’s provision that I learned how to make tea for the first time in my life. I was able to become much more sociable thanks to what I was taught at Miss Murphy’s provision and was able to begin overcoming my social anxiety. I had times of early depression, anger and figuring out exactly what I was in life. I learned how to be a better person. Thanks to her teaching I’ve been able to become more confident in my skills and have made several advancements in the field of Hospitality and Catering since leaving School and am trying to get a job in the Catering industry.

    Miss Murphy supported me mainly at the end of my GCSEs and into sixth form, when I was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic nerve disorder and autistic. I found the transition from GCSEs to sixth form really challenging, and if it wasn’t for the support of Miss Murphy, I don’t think I’d have been able to continue it at all. Even when things were more settled, I found sixth form tough and was going through a lot emotionally outside of class too. But Miss Murphy was always there for me, and her office became a safe space where I could be open about my emotions and never feel like I would be judged. Her support was valuable to more than just my education, but my entire outlook on life and mindset too. If it wasn’t for Miss Murphy’s support in some of my darkest times, I don’t know if I’d even be here today, let alone be where I am.
    Right now, I am a second year University student who is on track to achieve a first or high 2:1, which is a world away from the young woman I was, who felt I couldn’t even finish my A-Levels at points. Last year I was even awarded a British Citizen Award in Parliament for helping others. My life is a world away from what it was then, but even on the days I would sit crying in her office, Miss Murphy always believed in me, always helped me, and always pushed me to keep going, no matter what. She helped me build the resilience that got me to today, and will keep pushing me through life, which is something I’ll never forget.
    Miss Murphy is genuinely the kindest and most caring person you could ever meet, and she is so passionate about helping students. She has also inspired me to help others and is one of the main reasons I am so determined to improve the lives of people like myself! If you had told me back then that now I’d be achieving highly at University, have an officer role in my Students Union and have helped so many people, I would have laughed, but Miss Murphy helped me get there and never gave up. I have even been considering becoming a SENCO, so I can make the difference that she did to my life, to others like me who just need someone to believe in them too! This year I am the Accessibility Officer at my University so I fight for the rights of our disabled students and I managed to push the Uni to take on a no-detriment policy which has helped.