WElcome to our ALTRNatives Members Area, especially designed for our RISE and RISE X Community.

From here you will be able to access our bespoke content designed to enhance and compliment your experience with RISE and access the ALTR Life content included in your ALTRNatives Membership.

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  • A safe a supportive community environment
  • Exciting new ways to manage stress
  • Useful discounts for goods and products to enhance wellbeing 
  • Specially selected ALTR Life content to experience alternative wellbeing therapies
  • Purposeful articles to help create balance 
  • Exciting new ways to manage stress
If your associated young person is a RISE 16-25 Provision you will also have automatic access approval to our RISE Facebook Safe Space. This is a group designed specifically for parents and carers of our SEND students to offer support to one another in facing the unique challenges that SEND parenting can bring. This is a monitored space and before access to will have to commit to the SafeSpace Membership policy of kindness, tolerance and support. We hope this forum will help us to help one another and of course to benefit our young people.

"Join the lifestyle
revolution and
start living
the LIFE you DREAM"


A series of articles designed to promote wellness, positivity and better life balance. Here we offer strategies, support and research references to help bring wellbeing into the lives of our ALTRNatives in a manageable and sustainable way. If you would like to know more about any of these topics, or learn more about becoming an ALTR Life Member to enhance your personal or corporate wellness, please email lianne@altrlife.com


The ALTR LIFE experience offers a full spectrum of on site and outreach goods and services to promote positive change and lifestyle balance that will allow you develop a new sense of self beyond compare.  

We offer indoor and outdoor yoga, meditative and physical fitness classes, an abundance of complimentary therapies, coaching, education and corporate events and a host of essential products to maintain results.  

The ALTR Life principe is founded in making small, conscious changes to improve balance and increase happiness.  It is about changing the way that you live life and how treat and value yourself. We strive to empower each individual to appreciate that there is nothing selfish about prioritising themselves.   

As part of the ALTR Group Ltd we are so happy to welcome RISE and RISE X ALTR Natives to the ALTR Life family. At ALTR Life, our Members can expect to reap the benefits of an increase in vitality and spirit, with improved physical and cognitive performance and more meaningful relationships. We hope that you enjoy the specially selected content that we have compiled in consultation with the RISE team, in the hope that it will help you to manage the unique challenges faced by parents and carers of young people in this fast paced and stressful modern world and especially by young people themselves.       

Please contact us if you have any questions or just want to say “hi!” We would love to hear from you....

If you would like to upgrade to full ALTR Life Membership or to speak to one of the ALTR Life Team about a wellbeing MOT and signposting, please reach out. We are accessible, affordable and committed to EVERY individual or business, whatever the need may be. With nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain, we look forward to welcoming you to the ALTR Lifestyle Revolution... 

ALTR LIFE : Coming soon to altrlife.com


Worship Yourself: Embrace the Change


Wellbeing hacks for teens: We speak to a 15 year old about her tips for better wellbeing, including the perils of the snooze button and planning the day ahead

Wellbeing hacks for teens: Here 13 year old talks about the benefits of regular exercise on wellbeing

Lex Lovell is a Mental Health First Aid Trainer and Therapist. Lex provides invaluable advice for managing the stress of modern life and maintaining good mental health

Paul Vissian, Executive Coach and Mindfulness Trainer talks to us about the physical, chemical, emotional and psychological benefits of living more mindfully

Michelle Christie is a qualified yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience of how yoga can help mind, body and spirit. Here she speaks to us about the impact of yoga and the vast spectrum of disciplines and techniques available, concluding that there is a technique for each of us to fall in love with.

Kaisa Larkas of Kaisa Bespoke Training discusses how busy working parents can exercise effectively with limited time and budget and gives helpful signposts to freee on-line resources. Kaisa also discusses integrating fitness into family life and encouraging young people to be more physically active.




Here you will be able to access:
  • uniform items for RISE and other essential equipment.
  • RISE X merchandise
  • As an ALTR member you will be able to access their beautiful range of products.
  • Booking forms for all RISE and RISE X products and services
ALTR work hard to source items that:
  • reduce the impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. 
  • Sell products that reduce your reliance on natural resources where possible.
  • Offer products that are made from recycled materials

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