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holiday Club
age 5 – 12 years

RISE X is where the extra Our vibrant and innovative programmes will keep children and young people stimulated and entertained throughout the school holidays. We combine group and individual activities for all ages and levels of ability and enthusiasm! Each week we will run a general RISE X programme for mixed age groups from 5 to 12 years and a more specialist focussed week. Current programmes being offered include Performing Arts, Science and Nature, Sports and Leisure, The Natural World and Engineering. Based in our inspiring setting of Colworth Park, the facilities we have access to are second to none.

Our holiday Club is built to meet the varying working needs of families in the community. The holiday club runs in line with Bedfordshire Schools Term timetable. 

Early Riser holiday session begins at 0730 – 0900 
The holiday club runs from 0900 – 1530
After hours holiday club runs from 1530 – 1700

Please see the Calendar for the specialist focus holiday weeks here.
Contact us to book a place on our RISE X holiday club or specialist focus holiday club or to join our waiting list now!

 After school club

“Play is the highest form of research.”  Albert Einstein

Our RISE X Team will make sure that your Young People are offered stimulation through play-based activities. We also support any completing home school tasks in a nurturing and safe environment. Fully OFSTED registered, staffed by experienced and qualified team and offering a variety of packages, your young people are in safe and in inspiring hands at RISE X. With two large indoor classrooms and a wealth of green outdoor space, students can really enjoy a variety of activities. After school club allows young people to have fun after a hard day at school whilst learning new skills, developing personally and consolidating learning from their school day.

We understand that your needs for after school care and education are as unique as your child. We are therefore open from 1520 to 1800 – Monday to Friday during Term time and offer the flexibility to book into one or both sessions depending on your families need.  All young people are offered drinks and a snack after their hard day at school. We accept young people from the age of 5 to 12 years.

Session one runs from: 1520 – 1630 
Session two runs from: 1630 – 1800.

For students at Sharnbrook Academy, we offer a student collection service to transport young people from school to RISE X. The young people are then collected from the Colmworth RISEX site.

Contact us to book a place or to join our waiting list now!

professional Development
Training Courses for Teens

Teens may prefer more focused learning whilst developing industry contacts and gaining a real insight into the world of professional and skilled work by, attending one of our professional development training courses.

Our Professional Development & Vocational Training Courses are a unique way for young people to explore areas of work that are of interest to them before committing to Options at school or University Course and to assess whether their skillset is well placed for this line of work.

We aim to use professionals, well respected in their field, to teach the core skills required for each area of practice or work and to measure progress during the week. Every delegate on our Course will leave with a Certificate of Competency to demonstrate achievement in Key areas of proficiency.

Taught through a combination of innovative techniques and experiences and professional practitioners and speakers, our Programmes provide a truly immersive dive into the professionals and vocational world. Our links with industry and professional connections make us uniquely placed to provide a totally unique experience and will leave delegates eagerly awaiting Phase 2!


The Friends of RISE are a voluntary group that holds various social events for the students, family and friends, fund raising events to allow the students to enhance the learning environment and also fundraisers for the RISE nominated charity One Step at a Time.
The Friends also support the financial support pupils for extra activities such as residential experiences.
The Friends Group is made up of staff, parents, carers and friends of the RISE.  We are always looking for more help and support so if you would like to join us please contact RISE on

Annual Review

An Education, Health and Care Plan, also called an EHCP or EHC Plan, must have a formal annual review within 12 months of the final plan or the last review. The annual review is an opportunity to review progress, raise concerns or suggest changes if the content of the plan are no longer appropriate and need amending. The young person and all stake holder will meet to review the targets, provision and placement. 

Under some circumstances you can ask the placement and local authority for an early annual review. This can help you get significant changes to your child’s plan without waiting for the next annual review.

A significant change might be getting another diagnosis. A 'placement' or ‘setting’ can be an alternative school or provision, college,  apprenticeship or traineeship. The process should be the same but who your contact is at the placement might vary. it’s usually the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO). At RISE it is Keighly Murphy (SENDCO)

Informal Reviews

RISE offers an informal review twice a year. We believe that collaborative working and open lines of communication are key. We take an open and joined up approach with all stakeholders to share information as often as possible, this is imperative to offering the best experience to the learner. 

This means that you do not have to wait until the annual review to talk about things like:
  • How the provision is carrying out the EHC Plan
  • What support the young person is receiving
  • Your childs progress.
  • How any transitions may be going
  • Future plans
Informal reviews will not change what’s in your child's EHC plan. This will only happen at annual EHCP reviews, but these can be early if needed.

Asking for an early annual review
You or the provision can ask for an early EHCP review. Some parents call this an 'interim' review. RISE will contact you if they think your child’s EHCP needs reviewing.

You or RISE can ask for an early review if:
  • your child’s special educational needs change significantly and the description in the EHC plan is no longer accurate
  • the provision in your child’s EHC plan no longer meets their needs
  • your child has been excluded or is at risk of exclusion from the setting
  • there's a problem and it seems RISE may not be meeting your child's needs

Under construction

Here you will be able to access:
  • uniform items for RISE and other essential equipment.
  • RISE X merchandise
  • As an ALTR member you will be able to access their beautiful range of products.
  • Booking forms for all RISE and RISE X products and services
ALTR work hard to source items that:
  • reduce the impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. 
  • Sell products that reduce your reliance on natural resources where possible.
  • Offer products that are made from recycled materials
  • there's a problem and it seems RISE may not be meeting your child's needs

RISE 16-25 Provision

Here you will be able to access:
The introduction of a uniform serves a variety of purposes for the young people that attend. We are proud to be part of the ALTR Group and our uniform gives students a sense of belonging to the ALTRRISE community, it creates an identity for RISE in the community. The uniform will raise pride and help students to express themselves in more healthy ways and teaches them to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.

Perhaps most importantly, a uniform means student does not have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like is not so important. There is no competition about being dressed in the latest trend, which would put a great deal of financial pressure on students and parents. 

Research also suggests that a school uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically.

We have also found that many students with special educational needs have Sensory Difficulties, we can spend time helping students to adjust to wearing the uniform so to prepare for when they leave school and may have to dress smartly or wear a uniform.

The uniform also makes the young people distinguishable on the Colmworth site and is a supportive safeguarding strategy. We have a sweatshirt and t-shirt for Physical activities.

We ask that students wear:

  • RISE polo shirt
  • RISE Hoody or sweatshirt.These can be worn with any appropriate length skirt or trouser/ jeans.
  • PE sweatshirt
  • PE T-shirt
  • Trainers. These can be worn with any appropriate length shorts or training trousers
    Please see the Parent / carer shop to place orders.

Whilst we do not have a strict uniform for our after school club or holiday club, many of our young people like to wear something that gives a sense of belonging to the ALTRRISEX community; it creates an identity for the young people who are coming together to share the same experience. It is also a lovely way of keeping the fun memories gained from being part of the club. We have a variety of RISEX items that can be purchased. Please see the Parent/ carer shop to place orders.


Transitions are also a key process for delivering our curriculum and extra-curricular trips and activities. Any new activity may need some considerable transitioning period prior to the activity itself.

Transition to RISE
Transitioning from a school that is so familiar can be really difficult but it is a crucial time for both the young person and parent and carer. It may have taken years for you as parent or carer to trust the school, its methods, its staff and that they fully understand the needs of your child.It may have taken a long time for the young person to feel safe, adjust to new routines and develop trusting relationships with staff. RISE are aware that a personalised, well planned, well executed transition is key to a successful placement whether transferring to or from RISE. We will devise a transition plan that is right for you  and the young person; that allows time to familiarise, time to develop relationships, time for us to transfer all the amazing knowledge and understanding gained by all stakeholders currently working alongside you and your family. RISE want the remove as much anxiety as possible, to look forward to the move with an excitement for what is to come.

Transition to RISE for New Pupils
In the months and weeks prior to joining RISE we will be undertaking visits to your young person’s schools, liaising with school staff and other professionals to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, learning your child. A successful transition from one education setting to another needs good communication between both schools.

Some students will need a longer transition than others and some younger students may come to RISE one day a week in the two years prior to transition to undertake foundation course in readiness for starting a full-time course.We shall also arrange for your child/young person to visit RISE several times, supported by their existing school staff, before our ‘Transition Days’ in July. During this time we encourage young people to take photographs whilst visiting, they can then have a visual record of their new school and teacher.

If appropriate organise peer support, eg a friendship group or buddy system.We will contact all of our new parents and carers to arrange a home visit. During this time, we will discuss the admissions forms to complete all of the transfer paperwork and answer any of your questions before your child/young person starts with us.

To ensure that our Transition Days run as smoothly as possible, we ask that you complete and return any transition paperwork as soon as possible.

All students will be issued with a transition booklet to help them familiarise with the setting, routines, timetable, staff and environment. The booklet will also contain contact details for the young person to send questions.

In addition we have a transition video for all new starters and we will arrange a social event, prior to a September start so that students can also meet their peers.For September starters, it is also feasible to visit during the summer holiday to reduce anxiety.
Transitions for other mid-year intake pupils
We very rarely have pupils starting with us beyond the beginning of a new academic year but we do welcome any student at any time. Any transition will involve the same level of detail as above ‘The transition for New starters to RISE.

Transitions to College or places of further Education Plan, personalise and prepareAt RISE we have close links to local Colleges and the courses they offer so that learners can make informed choices, based on real experiences, about their future career paths. It is therefore our hope that students have a level of familiarity with these settings already. However, we still ensure that:

  • Ensure that careers education and planning programmes form part of the young person’s transition plan and appropriately reflect their individual requirements.
  • Help them to choose goals that are realistic and achievable, but don’t limit them. 
  • Ensure that careers education and planning programmes form part of the young person’s transition plan and appropriately reflect their individual requirements.
  • Help them to choose goals that are realistic and achievable, but don’t limit them. 
  • Support and encourage them to reach their full potential and work hard towards their goals.
  • Plan well in advance with the key people involved - the young person, their parents/carers, SENCO, advocate (if necessary), teachers and staff from the new setting, eg teacher, lecturer, support worker, employer.
  • Use visual aids, eg videos and photographs of key people and buildings.
  • Start travel training early. It may be a long and intense learning process, but one that can be very rewarding as you see autistic pupils become more independent.
  • Be aware of the importance of social skills and social confidence.
  • Organise familiarisation visits to the new college or employer. These can be as staggered, eg trip to gate, trip to outside college and then a separate trip to inside. 
  • Have college staff visit your school to meet specific students.
  • Organise peer support, eg a friendship group, buddy system if appropriate.
  • Arrange visits from students/employees who are already at the future college or place of employment.
  • Advise that staff at the new education placement or employer have understanding autism training

school Calendar Academic Year



Holiday Bookings
Please note: Students should not be going on holiday during school term.


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