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AT ALTR RISE we create and deliver dynamic and innovative whole-person education programmes to children of all ages. Our revolutionary and evidence based approach is based upon the psychological premise that full potential is significantly more likely to be achieved by breaking down hidden barriers to learning.

We work to improve identified outcomes for children and young people whilst building confidence, resilience and self esteem. From our bespoke mainstream outreach programmes at RISE X to our inspirational full time SEND and transitions RISE setting; from our professional development training to our 121 catch-up service; from our unique Pupil Premium offer to our life changing resilience and grounding programmes for Looked after Children and post-adoptive families; from our beautifully crafted after school club offer to our bespoke specialist private packages, we are confident that there is something very special at ALTR RISE for every child and young person.

We work only with positivity and encouragement to ensure that every child leaves our care feeling a sense of achievement, success and progression. We create sustainable change from a level playing field for every young person we work with, developing a sense of security, self assurance, community and true and meaningful belonging amongst our young ALTR Natives that will continue to be of benefit to them long into adulthood.

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